Sunday, 10 June 2012

It's all over :-(

So this weekend is the first weekend I haven't been hooked on my FMP ticking off bits on my to do list and I actually feel sad !

It was great looking at my work before I handed in on Friday and finally looking at my work come to life ! All the hard work, effort and pressure we put ourselves under was all worth it on Friday with the huge relief that it was over. But I couldn't believe the amount of students who hadn't finished a lot of their work an hour before hand in !!!! It just makes the whole year worthless.

After 2 of the best years of my life meeting hopefully friends that I've made for life I'm so so so sad to say its over :-((. I hope I've done enough to come to graduation and be back at the FRA one more time.

I've enjoyed keeping this blog and dirty I didn't put a lot of pictures of my work up. Ive had such an interest in my blog from all over the world and I'm flattered. Thank you for reading my blog and I'll update on the Arcadia interview that I've got coming up !!!!

Love Chloe

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